Tiong seng holdings limited


Tiong Seng Holdings Real Estate Company in Singapore

Tiong Seng Holdings Limited is a real estate company located in Singapore. The Company is involved in offering civil engineering, building, and construction and development of property services. Tiong Seng Holdings Limited's main fragment is the construction that entails acting as the main contractors in providing construction services and construction projects especially to developers of the properties in both the public and private sectors. Property development relates to sales and development of properties and involves the investment in rental properties and machinery and plant, and selling of goods which entails selling of construction patented Cobiax technology.

Tiong Seng Holdings Construction Services and Knowledge

Tiong Seng Holdings have been offering the best and most high-quality construction services for the last 50 years. This has built our confidence in our services delivery and it has been the source of the company’s motivation and inspiration. The wide range of Tiong Seng competencies is perfectly demonstrated within the company and its auxiliaries. This related knowledge helps in building a more comprehensive point of view towards our projects and avail more contingencies for breakthroughs.

Tiong Seng Holdings New Technology

When it comes to innovation, Tiong Seng Holdings are on a constant lookout for the most appropriate ways or new technologies to meet our set objectives or improve the work. For our company, the crux of integrating innovation and Rigour is to make use of the right innovations and get them into our processes and planning. Tiong Seng Holdings utilize the ways successfully, we have made sufficient knowledge in sharing the best part of our culture. In every project, we systematize and share the already learned lessons in our management of the knowledge system which paves way for co-workers to reap know-how from one another.



Ocean Sky International Real Estate Developer

Ocean Sky International group is real estate company that is involved in Construction and Engineering Business. The group enjoys 100% ownership construction and civil engineering subsidiary by Ang Tong Seng Enterprises PTE Ltd (ATS). ATS offers various civil engineering works for instance drainage, roadwork, structural works, basement work, and earthwork.

Ocean Sky International Real Estate Management

Pacific Sky Investment Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ocean Sky International, together with its joint partners CIAC Investment Limited (“CIAC Investment”) and Centra Properties Pte Ltd, announced in April 2017 that they will jointly acquire, develop and manage a proposed 71 units of shop house development project. Located in Kandal Province, Cambodia, the proposed project, Eco Garden Mall, is sited on a freehold land area of 9,185 square metres owned by CIAC Investment.

Ocean Sky International Projects in Singapore

In May 2017, Ocean Sky International, through its wholly owned subsidiary Atlantic Sky Investment Pte Ltd, acquired a 999-year leasehold property at 6 Nim Drive, Singapore. Spanning 456 square metres, the property is to be redeveloped into a luxury detached home for sale under a new signature brand under the Real Estate segment.

As part of Ocean Sky International’s approach to develop synergistic partnerships, the Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Arctic Sky Investment Pte Ltd, entered into a joint venture with Tiong Seng Holdings Limited and formed TSky Development Pte Ltd (“TSk Development”) in 2017 to enhance its presence in the local property development market.

In November 2017, the acquisition of a site spanning approximately 3,617 square metres on 17 Balmoral Road was completed and redevelopment plans are currently underway to build 12-storey high-end residential condominium.

The Company has also announced the proposed acquisition of Cairnhill Heights at 16 Cairnhill Rise through TSky Development on 2nd April 2018. Upon completion of the acquisition, the site in the prime district 9 spanning 1,431 square metres may be redeveloped into a residential property.

These new developments are a significant step forward in Ocean Sky International’s property development and investment business.